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Top 10 Hotels in Aspen

10. Hearthstone

MAP   SITE   (970) 925-7632

Kicking off our Top 10 Aspen hotels is the most adorable little bed and breakfast you’ll ever see. A quaint, two-story house located just outside of downtown Aspen, the Hearthstone House aims to pamper its guests and make them feel special (aww)! Enjoy a complimentary breakfast in the morning and wine & cheese in the afternoon—a delicious break from your nature-filled adventures. Come check it out and get your daily dose of feeling special. 24-hour check-in, check-out 11 AM. 

9. St. Regis

MAP   SITE   (970) 920-3300

Get ready travelers—this is a level of class you need to be mentally prepared for. At the St. Regis Aspen Resort, you have every amenity imaginable at your fingertips. An outdoor pool, spa facilities, hot tubs, steam rooms, cold plunges, really any temperature and speed of water you’re looking for, they offer. Plus, with its great location you can get to and from the slopes with ease. Ride and sleep in style, and keep it classy, Aspen. Check-in 4 PM, check-out 12 PM. 

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8. Viceroy Snowmass

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If you came to Aspen to dump your bags and immediately hit the slopes, Viceroy Snowmass is a great place to rest your noggin after a long day of shredding. A ski-in, ski-out style Top 10 Aspen hotel with on-site equipment rentals, shuttles to the slopes, and expert employees who can pump you full of Aspen knowledge—you’ll barely even spend time in your room with all that adventure. Experience the modern atmosphere in a snowy setting and let that complimentary coffee warm your soul.  Check-in 4 PM, check-out 11 AM. 

7. The Innsbruck

MAP   SITE   (970) 925-2980

It wouldn’t be Top Ten Aspen hotels without a bunch of charming mountain chalet-style resorts on the list! The Innsbruck delivers on just that—modeled after a European chalet, this gorgeous hotel will make you feel like you never have to leave the mountain, even to sleep (well, you could sleep on the slopes, but that’s a little too dedicated). Stay at the Innsbruck and experience ultimate mountain relaxation, and believe us, that’s snow joke. Check-in 4 PM, check-out 10 AM. 

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6. Aspen Meadows

MAP   SITE   (970) 925-4240

Doesn’t that name just make you want to relax? At Aspen Meadows Resort, the primary goal is tranquility—a goal reached on the daily in the mountains. Located at the foot of Red Mountain, this awesome Bauhaus-style Top 10 Aspen hotel features breath-taking floor-to-ceiling windows with views that will make you pee your pants (hopefully not literally). But if you are so excited you can’t hold it in, head to Ute Mountaineer (one of our Top 10 Aspen shops) for some new gear. Check-in 4 PM, check-out 11 AM. 

5. The Gant

MAP   SITE   (970) 925-5000

We are betting you’ve never been to a rustic-chic condo resort in the heart of the mountains, so we had to include The Gant on our Top Ten Aspen hotels! This crazy place has two pools, three hot tubs, a tennis court, and a fitness center (we think they are telling you to work out while on vacation…but you don’t have to listen). Experience the gorgeous mountains in a trendy, upscale spot—you won’t regret it. Check-in 4 PM, check-out 10 AM. 

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4. Hotel Aspen

MAP   SITE   (970) 925-3441

While it might not be the most creative name for a hotel, the the hotel's refined design and attention make it an aesthetic masterpiece. The lodging is unique, stylish, and surrounded by mountain bliss—the ultimate dream. Located in downtown Aspen, you’re in walking distance to all the amazing shops and restaurants, but more importantly, walking distance to the bottom of the slopes. Snow is more important than food, right? Check-in 4 PM, check-out 10 AM. 

3. Mountain Chalet

MAP   SITE   (970) 925-7797

A place where the beer flows like wine, where beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano: we’re talking about a little place called Aspen (For you Dumb and Dumber fans). If Lloyd could pick, he would probably choose the Mountain Chalet Aspen to continue his shenanigans. In operation since 1954, this classic Top 10 Aspen chalet has got the process of pampering customers down pat. A minimum of two night’s stay is required (because you can’t only stay in the mountains for one sleep)! Check-in 3 PM, check-out 11 AM. 

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2. Limelight Hotel

MAP   SITE   (970) 925-3025

Earning the hipster choice for our Top Ten Aspen hotel is The Limelight Hotel—a super trendy, eco-friendly gem located in the heart of the snowy city. Check out their rooftop terrace for 360-degree mountain views that will make your head spin. Enjoy complimentary breakfast and their two outdoor pools while you gaze at the mountains. This hotel is in the limelight for a reason: it’s a stellar place to get some shut eye. Check-in 4 PM, check-out 12 PM. 

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1. The Little Nell

MAP   SITE   (970) 920-4600

We saved the best for last, travelers! The Little Nell is an Aspen treasure. An upscale, ski-in/ski-out style Top 10 Aspen hotel located at the base of the Silver Queen Gondola (one of our Top Ten Aspen tours), you’ll be so happy you chose it, you’ll want to dance (and we’re sure the staff would love to see your moves). The best part is that even your animals can stay with you at this luxury resort. Your fat cat Sam will thank you endlessly. Check-in 4 PM, check-out 12 PM.  

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